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Yves Lacoursiere

Well known and appreciated at first as a saxophonist, Yves Lacoursière has become, over the years, a highly respected professor of music, a multi-instrumentalist, a choir and orchestra conductor.

He started his musical training at an early age during his stay in Peru with his family. Not only did he learn Spanish, he also developed a taste for the South American culture. Early on upon returning to Canada, he discovered the world of jazz and musical improvisation. In 1991, the Gatineau Conservatory recognized his talent and he was accepted in Noël Samyn’s saxophone class. During the course of his studies, Yves participated on various opportunities in competitions where he collected prizes and grants, in particular at the Canada Music Competitions. In 1999, he was honored in receiving the prestigious « Prix en saxophone » from Gatineau’s Conservatory. He then decided to pursue his musical training. It led him to complete a Master degree at Université de Montréal in conducting orchestras.

Yves Lacoursière has been conducting Kanata’s Symphony Orchestra since 2004. He continues to perform very actively as a saxophonist and as vocal and musical director of a regional choir called « Le Chœur de l’île ».

Concertmaster: ANNA KLOCHKOVA


Holding the Master of Music degree from Glinka State Conservatory in Russia, Anna performed with the Nizhny Novgorod State Philharmonic Orchestra for several years as First Violinist. She also taught violin to secondary school students and worked with other orchestras touring France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and the Scandinavian countries.

Among the highlights of her artistic career are joint performances with M. Rastropovich and Y. Bashmet.

In Canada, Anna continued teaching at musical schools, giving private lessons, and performing with Kanata Symphony Orchestra, Pembroke Symphony Orchestra, Sinfonia Toronto, Oshawa Symphony, Brampton Symphony and others.




Violin I


French Horn

Anna Klochkova, Concertmaster

Paul Arnold

David Yensen

Julian Hughson

André Pelletier

Kathryn Gauthier

Marjorie Lacy

Marilyn Collins

Peter Trotscha

Khalid Ahmad

Helena Ingr

Roberto Riviera+

Kevin Houston

Olga Shuvalova


Rosalind Spencer

Starr John*


Ivana Savkovic

Ella Yang*

Gregory Renaud

Brent Rowe


Meredith Robson



Ted Jones+

Violin II

Richard Lacy


Cathy O’Hearn

Ann Downey


Jennifer Arrigo

Geneviève Thouin

John Wordley

Bob Brooks


Richard Arrigo+

Joan Johnston

Flute and Piccolo


Clara Faltas

Heidi Gruber-Lagacé

Bass Trombone

Michael Laughlin

Allan Snider

Pierre Charron

Hans Ottens

Emily Snyder


Denis Tang



Evan Pelletier*


Javor Frajkor

Alexandra Massett*

Emily Snyder


Mimi Davis*





Matthew Beaty+


Victor Houle+


Jon Mak

Gerry Mak


Brett Compton-Brown


Graham Carpenter

Greg Barrett



Betty Ahmad

Laura McElroy


Kate Wilson

Stephen Brooks

Jesse Fleet+

Bonnie Weston*




John Gray


Sophie Reussner-Pazur



*  Currently on leave.

+ Guest musician.  Thank you for helping us with this concert!



The Kanata Symphony would also like to thank all the professional musicians and students from University of Ottawa's School of Music who give us a hand at our concerts.

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